Redesigning Sassou

In my very young days on the internet, I frequented a lot of Roleplaying forums, specifically ones involving dogs loosely based around the Silver Fang universe. I made a lot of poor choices  (and even poorer grammar mistakes) back then, but also made friends I can’t believe still talk to me. Many of the characters that were made circa ’07 were lost to time and I refuse to acknowledge them officially, anymore, but I think about one a lot: Sassou.

I think Sassou’s name was my quasi-attempt at Japanese, with the legendary Sussano from OKAMI in my head at the time. I don’t know how to pronounce her name, in my head it’s something I can only say when I’m not trying to say it, otherwise it’s just a bunch of syllables that don’t work. Sassou was, to put it bluntly, an edgey bisexual – my brain seemed to believe that all bisexuals had a sense of punk or anti-authority about them, as my limited scope showed me, and Sassou was my attempt to emulate that. She was also my attempt at creating an Opposite to myself – as I also had a dog version of myself at the time who was mostly anxious and timid – so Sassou was the opposite of that….which ended up being an annoying show-off, and not a rebel who cared not for gender roles as I wanted her to be.

Moving on, I’ve often thought about redesigning Sassou, as she was a mess back then with few art pieces made for her. She was the ever rare mix of a Border Collie and Kai-Ken, my excuse to make a white brindle dog. I thought I’d go ahead and redraw Sassou’s original (to my memory) design, and one slightly? Better? Albeit, I think, her design and color choice is just not the greatest to work with.



Art Fight 2022 Thread



My second time participating in Art Fight, I got 29 drawings done. Here they are in full resolution for your viewing pleasure.